Once Bitten!

Another beautiful day in paradise, we have so much bird life it is stunning, and so enjoyable! Most mornings we can sit out on the veranda enjoying a cup of tea watching and listening to the birds chattering & singing, frogs croaking, trees whispering it is Divine! King parrots, babblers, willy wagtails, brown dove pigeons, blue eyed honey eaters, swallows, finches, wrens, warblers, it’s so busy! yet so Peaceful.

Although spring is upon us we are still having fires in the evening to keep us warm and compfy.

You really know what the different season’s are here, the change in not only the weather, the life around us, is so significantly different than in the city.

Well another  side of living in the country and close to bushland, insect bites! Three days ago I was stung buy a beastly little ant, not the first time might I add. Anyway I seem to react rather nastily to them. Once again I relied on my trusty friend in a bottle called ‘patchouli’ Ater 24 hours, swelling has reduced dramatically, itching and discomfort disapated and inflammation gone.

As you know I am available to discuss any questions you may have in regards to Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. Please always seek the advice of a qualified Aromatherapy practioner in regards to the use of essential oils.



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