Cool Breeze

The weather is changing yet again, how do we keep up with it?

Enjoy the coolness of the breeze as summer is approaching, possibly earlier than we would hope for.

Keep your garden mulched to retain moisture, use shade cloth and water wisely and regularly, keeping within the water restrictions of your state. When watering remember it is best to give a deep watering once every few days, rather than a sprinkle everyday.

reduce your planting out and keep to what grows well in your own environment / micro climate, this may vary for each of us.

We are sticking to the basics this summer, tomatoes, beans,silver beet/ spinach and rocket, they geneally always do well in our garden.

Composting is an essential part of gardening to keep our plants and the garden bed nourished and healthy.

Enjoy and prosper from your garden. It should not be stressful!

Plan your summer garden to suite your needs and time spent in it.


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