Hot and sticky

Are you feeling hot and bothered today?

Try a nice cool compress.

Fill a large bowl with tepid to cool water add 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop of spearmint into the water, gently agitate with your hand to help break up the essential oil molecules. Place a face cloth or small hand towel onto the surface of the water and then gently squeeze out the excess water. Place over you face, around the back of your neck and across your de’colletage. This can be repeated several times.

Another method is to make a spritzer. In an opaque or coloured glass bottle add purified water and essential oils, spray away to you hearts content, this is one of my favourites ways of using essential oils. here is a couple of blends.

Use as a room or body spray.

5 drops Sandalwood, 10 drops lemon and 8 drops myrtle.

10 drops Lavender, 3/4 drops spearmint in rosewater.

give the bottle a gentle shake before use to help combine the oils and water.

N.B. Always research the properties and contra- indications of the products you use or seek the advice of a proffessional therapist. If ever in doubt do not use essential oils.


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