Essential Oils

Citrus oils e.g. bergamot, lime & mandarin  are uplifting to the emotions, energetically they promote happiness & confidence. They are often used for depression & anxiety.

Using oils through inhalations, is a very safe method of application.

Most citrus essential oils are considered to be photo-toxic, meaning they react to heat and or sunlight/ultra violet light, when topically applied.

Keep out of sunlight if you have topically applied a citrus oil blend to your skin, for at least 12 hours. The reacton that occurs is chloasma    ( discolouration of the skin) which can last for several months. Severe damage to the skin can be caused, with harsher & longer lasting effects.

When choosing to use Aromatherapy and essential oils, always research their properties, and especially their contra- indications.

Essential Oils are safe to use, when used correctly, and with Respect.

If in doubt seek a proffessional & qualified Aromatherapist for more information.



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