Not a morning person? Feeling fatigued? There  is quite a few of us out there.

Grapefruit is an invigorating oil. It has a beautiful fresh, subtle aroma.

Morning shower. Place a few drops of grapefruit essential oil onto a face cloth, hop into the shower and drop the face cloth onto the shower floor and stomp on it! The warm water helps to release the aromatic molecules which are absorbed through the under side of your feet and also carried up via the steam which we breath in.

Using grapefruit essential oil this way is an easy and effective method to give us a little boost to help get our day moving along.

Grapefruit is an energising oil, it uplifts the emotions, gives courage and boldness and puts a happy face on!

Think of the sun and how we react on a warm sunny day, we SMILE and that’s what Grapefruit is all about!



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