Orange blossom

Did you know that three essential oils come from the bitter orange tree!

Bitter orange from the fruit rind, extracted by steam distillation.

The smell reminds me of my childhood, happy days, sunshine and orange ice blocks…

This oil, like all citrus essential oils is excellent for depression, stress & anxiety. It also works well on the digestive tract aiding in the digestive process. Associated to the sacral chakra, great for creative expression.

Neroli, one off my all time favourites! heaven in a bottle. This essential oil comes from the orange blossoms, it is divine. Known as the rescue remedy to the nervous system. This oil is very nourishing and is used for mature and dry skin conditions. This is a heart oil it brings love, peace and harmony.

A very safe oil to use as it has no known contra-indications. I love it on it’s own as a perfume.

Petitgrain is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. A very fresh green aroma. I often use it in spritzers and mens aftershaves. I like to use this oil on the throat chakra for communicaton.


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