Pet care

I have found aromatherapy to be an invaluable tool with our pets. We have miniature horses, an adorable dog, cat and 2 silkie chickens and our latest edition 5 big chooks, whom are laying almost every day. you cannot beat  your own chickens eggs, they are so yummy & of course their diet will have an impact on the quality.

I find that our horses respond very well to alternate medicines. I have personally treated our horses for wounds, punctures, agitation( when they moved from the city to the country), ticks, and colds.  Horses are easy to work with as they will soon let you know there likes and dislikes when working with essentials oils .

Because many essential oils have the same therapeutic properties we will always have a few to choose from when treating specific condition’s.

One of my horses at a young age developed warts on his nose! Poor darling when one first appeared I thought it was a tick and tried to pull it out! you can imagine the response I received. Well once he had forgiven me which didn’t take to long I was able to apply tea tree directly on to the wart. I applied tea tree a couple of times a day and approximately 2 weeks later they were gone.


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