Aromatherapy Baths

Having an Aromatherapy bath is so healing on many levels. 

Bathing can be used for reducing stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Other conditions that can be treated muscular aches and pains, skin conditions for example very dry skin, a tepid bath can be used to reduce inflammation.

When using essential oils in a bath, 6 – 10 drops of essential oil in total is recommended. Add your chosen essential oils just before hopping in and make sure you agitate the water to break up the oils. If you have sensitive skin,you may choose to use a dispersent. A dispersant can be milk, vegetable oil or a product specifically made for use with essential oils, known as a disper. Always add your oils to the disper, milk or vegetable oil first, then pour into the bath and gently agitate. If vegetable oils used be sure to have a non-slip mat in your bath.

To receive the most benefit you only need to soak for 10 – 15 mins.

When bathing you have 2 methods of absorbtion they are through your skin known as the integumentary system and your olfactory by breathing in the oils.

For some of us, it may not be practical to have a full body bath due to lack of water.  We live in the Hunter Valley and rely on rain water, other areas have water restrictions.

Foot baths are a great alternative and are very enjoyable and relaxing. The temperature of the water depends on what you are treating, the same amount of essential oil is recommended as in a full bath. When you have finished pour the water into your pot plants or garden.

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