The Creative Law of Prosperity

Inspired by and taken from ‘ The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity ‘

By Catherine Ponder

Three  steps to Creating Prosperity

1. Having a plan, write out your Desires concerning the plan, &     constantly expanding it.

2. Mentally Imaging/ Visualising that plan as Fulfilled.

3. Constantly Affirming its Perfect Fulfillment

True Desire is Intense & Powerful!

Write them down and look at them often.

Take some time to clear a space to meditate on your Plan/Desires

I like to choose Essentials oils that I relate to for a particular Desire.

E.g. For Prosperity and Abundance I may choose

Oak moss, this is a very earthy aroma and helps to fix/ bind

Basil is swift & powerful in its action, to bring forth

Cinnamon, is abundance & prosperity

Vetiver, earthing, grounding & protection

You may use this blend in a burner or as an anointing oil.

End your meditation with ‘ Divine Love Now Produces Perfect Results & All is Well’

For the good of All!


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