Aromatherapy for the Soul

What is Aromatherapy for the Soul?

The use of essential oils to promote a sense of wellbeing for the body, mind and soul.

To enhance intuition, self-confidence, create balance & harmony in your life.

To aid us in taking the steps forward to create prosperity and abundance for all concerned.

When choosing essential oils for your purpose it is important to understand their profiles energetically, emotionally and physiologically.

Smell preference for me in this instance is also very important as when we smell an aroma that we love immediately we are uplifted and transported to another time and place. We also connect to our Higher self.

There are many practical ways of applying essential oils, for example anointing and bathing.

If you would like to learn more about Spiritual & Energetic Aromatherapy join one of my workshops to discover the power of Aromatherapy!

For a course outline on what is covered in these workshops go to click on workshops

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