Creativity and Aromatherapy

I love to create!

There are so many ways in which we can be creative drawing, painting, writing, cooking, gardening, building, fashion, knitting, crafts of many kinds,photography just to name a few. I love to do all of these and find it so rewarding, giving me a feeling of accomplishment, freedom, satisfaction. I find being creative very healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Creating Aromatique Perfumes for me truly does take me on many different journey’s, walking through a forest with trees so tall they seem to touch the sky, the smells … so green, earthy, magickal,dampness, mossy, sunlight peeping through the trees, branches and leaves glittering with the morning  jew like faerie lights, shimmering, dancing the mist rolling, lifting allowing the warmth of the sun to shine on all that is there….. how true it is

“Smell is the Potent Wizard that Transports us across thousands of miles and all the Years we have Lived’

– Helen Keller

Creative expression relates to the sacral chakra, orange is a colour associated to the sacral chakra and creative expression.

Here is a sacral chakra blend that you can use in meditation, chakra breathing, bathing or make an anointing perfume or a spritzer.

sweet orange, rose, jasmine and sandalwood

crystals – Orange calcite, citrine, carnelian

The element -water

The planet – Pluto

Take some time, to be Creative!


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