Aromatherapy Brunch with Aromatique Essentials

Discover Aromatherapy with Julie Nelson:
Join us for Brunch on Sat., 27 March, 2010
Julie Nelson is a passionate Aromatherapist. For 14 years she has been an Educator on what is now considered to be a leading therapy for treating and working with many common conditions for Natural Beauty and Therapeutic use.
* Find out about why Aromatherapy is better for your health and for
your natural beauty.
* Discover Natural Beauty tips from products that are in your kitchen cupboard and fridge!
* Join Julie in discovering a simply divine way of incorporating the wonderful world of Aromatherapy into your everyday lives.
When: Saturday, 27 March, 2010 Time: 10 AM – 1 PM
Where: 15 Surfside Avenue, Clovelly (NSW) 2031
Cost: $49 (Includes event and Brunch)
RSVP & Payment: (Essential prior to event) Victoria on 0411 502421 or
“My daughter was born as TOF (tracheo osophaeal fistula) and suffered from chronic lung infections from the age of about 3 upwards. I would give her German Chamomile and Mandarin at home or in hospital. I often used this blend with other oils depending on the situation, and would give her hand, foot, back and chest rubs. Not only did the oils help to strengthen her immune system and ease her breathing, on an emotional level, through the power of smell and touch, she associated it to feeling better, comforted and safe. “
– Julie Nelson


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