Fragrance and Rose Petals

My roses, have been late in blooming this year however with the rain we have been getting, thankfully they are  blooming in abundance. I love walking around my gardens smelling  all the varieties and their different fragrances. It is one of my favourite and most rewarding things I do in the garden. I feel grounded and connected to mother nature. I feel refreshed, up lifted, calm and relaxed. ‘ Transports ‘ me to another place…

My collection of over 30 roses, are all fragrant, of course. Where ever I am, in doors or out I have surrounded myself with the beautiful fragrances from Nature. I love these beautiful treasures and feel very blessed.

The scented jasmine is starting to flower, this is unbelievably divine!  If I get enough flowers I am going to make a pomade perfume.

Fragrance is an essential part of my life!

The power of smell has such an impact on our mind, mood and emotions. Have a think about this…

When you walk into a restaurant  and you hopefully smell yummy, food. What happens on a physiological level?

We salivate.

Or imagine walking past a garden and the smell of jasmine is being carried by a gentle breeze filling the air with its divine fragrance… immediately you will be transported to another time and place.

To evoke a positive response remember to use the aromas that are pleasing to your nose, because your nose knows best!


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