Colds, influenza and Aromatherapy

Winter is coming and the weather is cooling, here we will take a look at some essential oils you can use through various methods of applications. Yes here I go again, if in doubt do not use or consult with a qualified Aromatherapist! Always research the contra-indications so you will know when NOT to use them.

When using essentials oils to help reduce the risk of catching a cold I highly recommend a diffuser, they are not cheap however they are very effective. You simply place neat essential oils (10-20 drops) in and turn them on for about 15 mins every 3 hours or so. Research has found that the essential oil molecules stay floating in the air for up to 4 hours. (use 3-5 oils in a blend)

Inhalations either dry or steam are very effective for clearing congestion in your sinus cavities, reducing inflammation and headaches, lowering temperature and boosting your immune.

foot baths are used for headaches, reducing tired aching muscles.

Full body baths for aching body from flu and cold symptoms, relaxing, lowering and raising body temperature, boosting the immune. oils to use in the diffuser, citrus are excellent anti-septic, rosemary, basil, sandalwood, myrtle, eucalyptus, tea tree, ravensara, lavender, peppermint, juniper, cypress, fragonia,rosewood. they are all good Bug Busters!

When using essential oils for treating many conditions it is a good idea to use them firstly as a preventative treatment, this way we can stop , slow down or reduce the symptoms.

Sore throats

Myrrh, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint


Ravensara, red myrtle, tea tree and sandalwood, 20 drops of each in 50 ml of vegetable oil. Apply 3-4 times a day.

Chest cold (congestion)

Thyme, peppermint, myrtle and ravensara


eucalyptus smithii *( more calming than E.globulus or radiata), tea tree, thyme and frankincense


red myrtle, thyme, sandalwood and fragonia

for the above recommendations use 20 drops of each in 100 ml of vegetable oil, apply over chest and back areas 3 times a day.

Tired aching muscles from cold or flu

Here you can have nice warm bath fill four bath to desired height and temperature add essential oils and agitate before stepping in. !0 -15 minutes maximum for this recommendation, the oils will aid in relaxation

German chamomile, frankincense and clary sage 3-4 drops of each-( for an adult)

Lavender, sweet Marjoram and cypress 3-4 drops of each -(for an adult)

* Eucalyptus globulus and radiata should not be used on someone with chronic recuring lung infections, they can over stimulate the bronchi and have an adverse effect.


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