Sister’s and Brother

Family Love~

Smiles are Magickal ♥ remember to share them around and give them away ♥ By doing this you will light up someone’s day ♥

What Inspired me to write this article today ~

Last week one of my beautiful sisters was thought to have had a mini stroke…

Her husband went for a walk with Charley Girl their Black labby… when he came back my Sister was acting odd, he said. But then I realised that this was not a game there was something wrong! Her short term memory had gone and she was talking in the past…

My brother in Law rang her Eldest daughter who then rang me. He wanted to take her to the hospital and of course she was refusing and didn’t understand why he was trying to get her into the car~ Buy the way My sister is very stubborn and does not like hospitals. You can imagine how difficult this situation was becoming.

After a couple of phone calls from my niece and I trying to encourage My brother in Law to call an ambulance and speaking to my sister there was no advance. The problem was, was that they live in the blue mountains, her daughters live in Sydney I am in the Hunter Valley and their closest friends were away. To cut a long story short … the hardest part of it was that we couldn’t be there as soon as we would like. My niece rang an ambulance and then drove to Katoomba hospital. My other niece was trying to get away from work and couldn’t because there was no one else to cover her. We are many and spread about. We have one brother and 3 sisters in New Zealand another sister in Sydney. So much was happening phone calls and emails to keep every one in touch and up to date with what was going on. It was frightening for all of us as our Parents have passed away… Mum nearly 4 years ago and dad 6 years ago.

Sometimes we are distant in our communications and caught up in our own lives… we get together every couple of months and have a family gathering and through FB, emails and phone calls we do most of our communicating.

What I am I going on about?

I am proud of my family and love them all so much! When the chips are down and something like this happens we all band together like a raging fire that no one can stop.

So my Lovely’s I am sending love, hugs ‘n’ kisses to my family and friends because I know how blessed I am.

In no particular order I thank Di, Caz, Pete, Rae, Sal, Jo, Li, Vix, all of my beautiful nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews, my friends and especially my loving Amez xxx

P.S. My lovely sis is fine and it turned out to be a reaction from another condition, which is now under control.


2 thoughts on “Sister’s and Brother

  1. So glad to learn your sis is better Julie. It is a shift when our parents leave as they are the anchor. I am happy to learn you are able to stay and touch and support each other when the chips are down.

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