The Weekly Vibe ~ 2 May to 9 May 2015

Jewel Starlight ~ Astrologer

We will experience a Full (of emotion) Moon in Water Fixed Scorpio on Monday at 1 pm (AEST), and with both serious Saturn and purging Pluto in Retrograde (pondering) motion.. expect to become a yoga gymnast when you kick yourself up your own backside! It can’t be helped.  This week has the hallmark of an emotional churner with the Moon shining Full in the deepest of introspective signs, Scorpio, who loves nothing more than digging into the bowels of life to see what he can find.  The Moon is moving through the 3rd Quadrant of the chart and so our cauldron of emotions will need to be shared, they will be at times intense, with those close to us being privy to our secrets or on the receiving end of our wrath.

Oh goody!  To add to this weight, we have a “get your act together” Conjunction (joining forces) with…

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