Perfume Around The World – Niche Perfume Shops In Prague

A must do!

Olfactoria's Travels

By Ana-Maria Melnicky Calin

Editor’s Note: Today I am happy to introduce you to Ana (read a bit more about her at the end of the post), who will take us on a trip to beautiful Prague to see what the niche pefume world there has to offer the discerning Perfumista. Please join  me in giving Ana a warm welcome and a big Thank You for this helpful post.

If you happen to be around Prague, wandering on its ancient streets, wondering if there is any place you can smell or buy niche perfumes, here is the list.

Just a note before we start: all the shops are centrally located, but are quite small, and literally hard to find, so pay attention to the exact addresses if you don’t find them in the first place.

All owners are up to date with novelties on the market so you will find new brands…

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