The Weekly Vibe ~ 23 May to 30 May 2015

Jewel Starlight ~ Astrologer

We have a few heavy hitters to start the week off upon the back of Friday (yesterday) which would have set something definite in motion, carved a line in the sand, made you revisit something from your past.  This twitchy mood was created by an Opposition from Sun in Gemini to Saturn in Sagittarius and a Separating Opposition from Venus in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn.  These two personal planets (Sun and Venus) are trying to have their way with psychology (Pluto) and tradition (Saturn), and they may get their way, but the big planets they are dealing with tend to deliver their learning in a slow and steady way.  You may have received a rejection, a reminder of something that went wrong, an experience that makes you feel a steely resolve, and this will spur you to continue your path in a more successful way.  You may feel as…

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