The Weekly Vibe ~30 May to 6 June 2015

It’s all in the stars …

Jewel Starlight ~ Astrologer

Can you feel it?  There is an element of nervous energy in the air.  Upon analysis I determine this is due to the abundance of planets at the moment in Air signs and their aspects.  It’s like a sense of anticipation.. something is going to happen, I know it, I feel it, but what is it?  The creation of this energy is Mercury, Sun and Mars in Air, Mutable Gemini in an opportunistic Sextile to both Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo.  All of these planets are in difficult aspect to Pluto who is reigning supreme in Capricorn in our future path and public sector of the chart.  The events will be specific to you but with Gemini so strongly involved it will be news, visitors, journeys, communications, siblings.

Our Moon is moving through the relationship sector of the chart and begins the week in Air, Cardinal Libra and…

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