“My Aromatic Journal” with Julie Nelson, Australian Aromatherapist

Thank you Suzanne for sharing my passion xxx


This is a story of scent, romance, sharing, hope, trust, self empowerment and support, featuring Julie Nelson, an Australian Aromatherapist. This is a story of dreams, stunning visuals, essential oil perfume recipes and scented style. Think water coloured, botanical bliss.


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This is Julie Nelson This is Julie Nelson

I first met Julie about 15 years ago at one of the colleges she was lecturing at in Sydney. I was in awe of her, as I’d dreamed of being able to teach aromatherapy on a professional level. Fast forward to 2014 and we were reconnected through social media and my friend Portia Turbo of Australian Perfume Junkies.

Julie’s exquisite perfumes are not only a delight to encounter, her romantic style…

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