The Weekly Vibe ~ 31 Oct to 7 Nov 2015

Loving this weeks VIBE !

Jewel Starlight ~ Astrologer

The solar system is delivering a predominant Earth Water energy for us throughout the week, with only a few planets in Fire Air to break up this mud pie of squooshy, nutrient rich, body pampering luxury.  The Elements of Earth and Water together blend beautifully and connect us to our physical and emotional self, so expect to be more in tune with how things feel, how these feelings affect your emotions, how these emotions affect your body, and be open to receive energetic guidance upon what you need to do to reconnect with your core, emotional and physical self to find your healthy lifestyle balance.

The Sun is in Water Fixed Scorpio and is in favourable Trine aspect to Neptune in Water Mutable Pisces, and in their own natural Houses.  Let your imagination run wild from the sexy Scorpio 8th House to the dreamy Pisces 12th House.  The Sun and Neptune are currently so in…

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