The Weekly Vibe ~ 7 to 14 March 2016

Ever wonder what is going on and why?
Check out the Vibe by Jewel Starlight

Jewel Starlight ~ Astrologer

It’s all about Pisces, what with nearly half of the chart influences in the sign of the Fishes at some stage this week.  We also have a New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday at 12:54 pm which is also a Solar Eclipse and is in Opposition by nearly exact degree to Jupiter in Virgo. Phew! What does all this mean?  Expect the unexpected and the impossible to be made possible.  If you can dream it, you will feel as though you can also surely do it.

Pisces has the zodiacal trait of being the dreamer, but without dreams we would be forever stuck in a routine of every day the same reality.  Nothing would change because we would not have the imagination to see things differently.  So do not brush off intuitive thoughts, absurdly crazy ideas or the urge to attempt doing things in a new way.  With Jupiter’s exaggerated influence, you…

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