The Weekly Vibe ~ 16 to 23 May 2016

Interesting, I have a grand trine in water.

Jewel Starlight ~ Astrologer

The Earth Grand Trine energy continues from the previous weeks, offering a window of opportunity for us to take advantage of.  Grand Trines do not often last this long and is currently doing so due to Retrograde planets.  This big triangle of optimistic energy is from Mercury in Taurus to Jupiter in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn… among other planets who are also close by.  With Mercury currently Retrograde, the key here is to learn what needs to change in your communication style in order for you to be happier and more successful.

But Grand Trines can make us lazy!  A study was done years ago on a group of homeless people’s astrology charts.  It was noted that those with Grand Trines had been given amazing opportunities in their life, born to wealth, educated, stable families, etc. but simply did not have the get up and go to make the most of themselves.  It was easier…

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