Aromatique Essentials is devoted to promoting and educating the use of Aromatherapy and essential oils for Natural Beauty and therapeutic use for many common conditions. We use the highest grade of essential oils and products available to us to ensure the best quality products are available to our clients.

Welcome to the world of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of pure plant extracts to promote a sense of well being for the body, mind and soul.

Our aim is to revive the knowledge of the medicinal and energetic use of aromatic plants and essential oils, a truly holistic professional art and science.

At Aromatique Essentials we specialise in Personalised handmade products to suit each individuals needs

With 14 years experience as an Aromatherapist, 12 of which have included both the design and delivery of aromatherapy and beauty programs with two of Australia’s leading natural therapies colleges, Julie is a leading therapist and has been a driving force at the forefront of this field throughout its transition from an alternate therapy to the highly recognised and commonplace therapy it is today.


Through the layering of such a foundation Julie’s passion for aromatherapy, and natural beauty, and commitment to sustainable living and organic gardening practices have seen her develop a specialised and unique series of workshops in Aromatherapy & Organic gardening.


Julie’s expertise and passion has also extended into writing for publications, including ‘Pharmacy Trade’, ‘Pregnancy Magazine’, ‘Cleo’, ‘For Me’ and various newspapers. She has featured in ‘Body & Soul’ and appeared on radio.


Julie is delighted to be able to share her passion and knowledge by offering a range of specialised workshops. These are tailored to participant’s needs, and make available her exquisite range of Aromatherapy products.


Julie specialises in the ‘creation of signature blends, beauty and personal care products, animal care, and chronic illness in children.


Julie holds a Diploma in Aromatherapy, Cert.4 in Natural Beauty,

Cert.4 in Workplace Training and Assessment, Certificate in Bach Flowers and is currently completing a Diploma in Horticulture.


Joseph Campbell once famously said that all humans should

 “Follow their own Bliss”. Julie Nelson is happily doing that today.

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