Aromatherapy and the emotions

How can you safely use essential oils to uplift your emotions?

One of the easiest and safest ways to use essential oils is through inhalations. There are different ways in which this method can be used. For my clients I use disposable inhalers.

You may like to try this, pour a few drops of your chosen oil/s on to a cotton ball and keep it in a dark coloured 15 ml glass jar. when ever you feel the need simply take off the lid and gently inhale the aroma by slow deep breathing, focus and visualise the oils going to the area of your body where they are needed.

A tip ! when dealing with the emotions I recommend using essential oils that you like the smell of, this alone will evoke a sense of happiness, balance and well being .

Always check the contra- indications! If you are unsure you can contact me on

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