Aromatherapy and wound healing

Essential oils never cease to amaze me with there healing properties.

My Daughter has had several operations and I have always used essential oils to aid with the healing process, for example reducing the hardening of scar tissue, inflammation, potential infection and reducing the scar itself!

In 2001  one of my clients had posterior spinal fusion.  We applied Aromatique Essentials scar blend as soon as possible, aproximately one week after surgery. Application was two or three times a day.

When she had her six weekly post operative check up the surgeon was amazed at how the scar had /was healing. A fine line was faintly visible. He was very curious and told my client that he would like to know more about aromatherapy and how it works as he was open natural therapies.

During one of my lectures in Sydney in 2006 one of my students asked me if I could make up a blend for  her daughter, who was having a mole removed. I recommended that the scar cream was to be applied to the area two to three times a day. A few weeks later Maria called me as she wanted to give me some feedback, which of course I encourage as I like to know if my clients are satisfied and also that what we are doing is actually making a difference for the best! I am very pleased to report that not only was Maria’s daughter happy with the results her doctor wanted to know my formula. It is very rewarding to receive such positive feedback!

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