Aromatherapy for your Pets

We have four beautiful miniature horses,  our lovely dog Isit, georgous burmese cat, Cisco and so far two very cute silkie chickens flopsee and mopsee whom by the way don’t lay eggs!

There has been many occasion when my essential oils have come to the rescue, especially with our dog!

Unfortunately Isit has had a few encounters with visiting goannas trying to raid birds nests for eggs. Patchouli is an oil that everyone should have in there first aid kit it is a strong antiseptic and can be applied straight onto an open wound without sending you or the dog through the roof. Of course Tea tree is one of the best oils with it’s anti-septic, bactericidal and anti-viral properties, just to name a few. The trouble with Tea tree is that it can sting ! and put the client off and possibly never trusting you again!

I always wash the wound  first, pat it dry with a clean tissue or paper towel and drop the patchouli directly into the wound. Now I am  not saying this is always easy and it may pay to have someone hold your dog or cat for you.

Goanna wounds are renound for recuring infections and ulceration, to date we have had no post infection occuring.

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